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McGraw-Hill Education SAT 2016

If you are seeking for an overview of the content and structure of the SAT (Scholastic Aptitude Test), then this book will be perfect for you. This is one of the most popular books for preparing the test. You can find the test in which you can get the number of questions with time limits of every section.

In math, the practice questions are naturalistic and look like the questions of official College Board. For example, in the math questions, real-world outlines with problems about selling tickets and temperature for a performance. In this book, the Reading questions feature graphs and tables to reflect the SAT’s prominence on data explanation. Also, the writing questions of this book are based on passages.

When it comes to the presentation of math concepts, it is good overall. You can find the topics in detail, such as Problem Solving and Data Analysis – table, ratios, percentages, rates, etc; Passport to Advanced Math – Quadratics, functions, etc; Heart of Algebra concepts – inequalities, linear systems, expressions, etc; and Extra Topics – complex numbers, basic trig, geometry, etc.

Overall, McGraw-Hill Education SAT book provides you some useful instruction for the study plan. For example, In the Prepscholar’s program, you are recommended to start with a diagnostic practice test and utilize it to give your planning of the study. Moreover, it provides a few basic strategies such as enhancing your fluency of calculator. So, this book is considered as best SAT study guide.


Dr. Jang’s SAT 800 Math Workbook

SAT preparation material

This sat prep book has a sheer number of practice problems! With this book, you can set time yourself and answer the questions accordingly. The question types of are set by difficulty level so that you may customize them according to requirement.

Obviously, if the questions are not right, then there is no use of practice problems. Luckily, the practical problems of this book are realistic samples. It emphasizes algebra such as basic trigonometry, and breakdowns the questions into sections of calculator and non-calculator. This book provides a great representation of the rules, format, and concepts you can find on the SAT’s math section.

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