What is GMAT and information about GMAT Exam

The GMAT exam is an online test where the analytical, writing, quantitative, verbal and reading skills were tested of the student. This course is for the students who want their admission in MBA related colleges and Masters in finance related courses. This exam is computer adaptive test and it’s not computer based test. There’s a difference in between both of them. The pattern of the exam will be as follows. The students who attempts the exam will be able to answer only one question at a time. Depending on the accuracy of the answer attempted by the student, the difficulty level of the next question will be decided.

The average score for the top tier universities abroad is 710 while the minimum score is 600. For the candidates who are trying for the executive MBA, GMAC recently introduced a mini GMAT called executive assessment exam. This exam is specially designed for the students who are trying for the executive MBA. This exam is even considerably short duration. This exam only tests the analytical and logical reasoning of the student which plays the crucial role for the job of executive MBA.


The application fee for GMAT is $250. The pattern of the GMAT exam is divided into four sections which will assess the individual abilities in four private sections. The four parameters on which the student’s score will be decided are writing, reasoning, verbal and Quantitative skills. The exam will be conducted for 3 hours and 30 minutes for the four sections.

The first section consists for Analytical writing assessment in which the questions will be based on analysis of an argument which will last for 30 minutes. The second section is integrated reasoning where the question types will be of multi source reasoning, Graphics interpretation, Two part analysis and table analysis which will last for 30 minutes. The third section of the exam is quantitative part  where the questions will be based on data sufficiency and problem solving which will last for 75 minutes.  The final section of the exam is verbal sections where the questions will be based on reading comprehension, critical reasoning and sentence correction. This section will last for 75 minutes.

Once you attempt the GMAT exam, that score will be valid for the next five years. You can report that score for upto 10 years. The result of the exam will be displayed as soon as the exam is over. Once the result is displayed on the computer screen, the user can have the option to either accept it or reject it. If the user accepts the results, the college and candidate can view the result.