What is SAT exam and information about SAT

SAT exam is the verbal and quantitative reasoning test in order to get admission in US Colleges. This exam is compulsory if you are planning to do undergraduate in the US universities. Few of the universities consider the SAT – II exam also. This exam is of three hours which is comprised of two sections. The two sections are evidence based reading, writing and Maths. With this exam, your critical thinking and analytical skills will be tested. The improvised SAT exam format have an additional 50 min essay component which will be at the end of the exam.

The SAT exam will depend on the university you are going to apply. Few of the reputated universities will ask for the 2-3 SAT subject tests along with the normal SAT exam. The multiple choice questions will have the subjects of Maths, biology, physics and chemistry. Adding to this, there are two types of language tests. Mostly, the universities will not ask you to take particular subjects tests. It’s your choice of taking any subject test.


You should register for SAT on the college official site only. Don’t mail the testing sites for the registration. They can’t register on behalf of you. You have to apply all by yourself.

The testing fee for reasoning test is $57 excluding the international processing fee of $37. The first basic subject test registration fee is $26 excluding the international processing feel of $38. For each additional basic test extra $20 will be charged. For the language with the listening test, $26 will be charged. The waitlist fee includes additional $46. This fee will be charged only if you are admitted to the test centre on the test day. The student answer service which includes the difficulty level of each question and wether it was answered correctly, incorrectly will be charged for $13.50. The question and answer service which includes the copy of verbal and maths section and a record of your correct and wrong answers in the exam will be charged for $18. If you want the additional score report, it will cost you $12.5 for each report you ask for. Check out top SAT preparation material 

The testing dates in this academic year are as follows:

  • 21st January, 2017 (Registration Deadline 21 December 2016)
  • 6th May, 2017 (Registration Deadline 7 April 2017)
  • 3rd June 2017 (Registration Deadline 9 May 2017)

In the SAT exam, there are two sections where each one ranges from 200-800 points. The highest possible score is 1600 in this exam which is quite impossible for scoring. The best thing about this exam is there is no negative marking for the wrong answers.