Top GRE preparation material

Preparing for the GRE exam is no easy task. Here are the top best GRE books available in the market.

1. Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides

Manhattan Prep GRE Set of 8 Strategy Guides

These books are published by Manhattan Prep who is the leading company in helping the students to score higher in the GRE exam. This set of 8 strategy guides include six math books and two verbal books. Every book in the 8 sets is dedicated to a particular section of the GRE exam. They are algebra; fractions, decimals, and percents; geometry; number properties; word problems; quantitative comparisons and data interpretation; reading comprehension and essays; and text completion and sentence equivalence. You will even get the practice tests at the end of the book based on the difficulty level as easy, medium and hard.


People who are serious about the GRE preparation and have ample time, this is the best GRE book you’ll have. You’ll find no better book than this to learn GRE concepts and techniques in order to apply them in solving the questions. Each and every concept is explained very clearly with enough examples.


If you decide to prepare for GRE before one month of the exam date, then this book is not for you due to the enormous data of the 8 sets. The math books in this GRE set have enough math concepts, but lack practice questions of difficulty level in order to score higher in the exam. Even in the verbal guides as well, the practice questions are listed based on the difficulty level rather than the pattern of the GRE exam.

2. The Official Guide to the Revised General Test

The Official Guide to the Revised General Test:

This book is published by Educational Testing Service (ETS) who prepares the GRE exam. It is known as the one and only official guide of GRE and is recommended by the fair amount of people. This book has questions and answers explained in a detailed way by people who scored higher in the GRE exam. This guide comes with four practice test and several practice questions. Also, the detailed descriptions to the questions will make your preparation for the exam a little bit easy which is why one should prefer this guide.


If you are weak in the content section, then there is no other book out there in the market better than this. Everything is explained in a detailed way. This will help you to edge over the high score.


Practice tests in this guide are not enough to score high in the GRE exam. Also, the additional resources are very less compared to other GRE guides in the market.

3. Kaplan’s GRE Premier

 Kaplan’s GRE Premier

This guide comes with six full-length practice tests out of which five are online and one is the physical book. Additional resources are digital iPad download, a DVD, mobile app and online access to the practice questions. You will also get 500 question online for practice where they will be reviewed. You will get academic support from the professors on their official Facebook page. Also, incase if you fail to score high in the exam even after using their material and strategies, you will refund for what you paid for the guide.


The reading passages are quite good in the guide.


The strategies mentioned in this book are a few old ones and can be updated.

4. Cracking the GRE Premium Edition

Cracking the GRE Premium Edition
This guide is written by Princeton review which is renowned for GRE books. This guide included access to the online videos and two full practice tests with detailed answers. You will also be provided with four additional online tests and study guides.


The verbal section in this book is second to none. It is very well written and people who are weak in that section, this book is highly recommended.


The math section explanations and not good enough and completely depending on this book for that particular section is avoidable.