Universities for Gre score 300- 310 | Part -1


Students from outside of the USA need individual accreditations apart from their academic qualifications. To be a college mate in any of the universities, you need to have a good GRE score, in addition to an excellent profile with strong academics (There is no passing score in GRE, but the higher score is better). However, with an impressive GRE score, you can stand a chance for enrollment even if your academics are not outstanding.

One can’t make an application in multiple universities merely based on the GRE score. For instance, an applicant with a GRE result of 306 has chances to get admitted to the Universities in 310 – 320 range. However, a candidate having a score of say, 312, can’t get admission in the universities in 300 – 310 range. Therefore, it ‘s hard to tell which school will give you an admission. Keeping this in mind, choosing the college which is safe for your profile is a good idea.

The USA houses numerous schools that support registration provided the academics are strong enough. For GRE scores between 300 and 310, the following universities, which are among the eminent 100 in America, facilitate admission:

Here are some of the universities in which you can get an admission if you have GRE score between 300 to 310 :

Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT)

Illinois Institute of Technology is a private Ph.D.-granting institution, founded in 1890, located in Chicago, Illinois, offering programs including engineering, science, psychology, architecture, business, design, and law. It is best known for electrical and computer background.

The IIT university has eight colleges that offer umpteen education options that present to the students full flexibility to accomplish the their goals

University of Texas – Arlington

The University of Texas at Arlington is a public research university housed adjacent to downtown Arlington in the Arlington metropolitan area. It is one of the fastest-growing public research universities in the country. It is a sought-after school for telecom and electrical engineering courses.

The foundation of UT Arlington dates back to the inception of Arlington College in September 1895. It is a tier-2 school desired by most Indians and Asians. UT Arlington provides financial assistance and high acceptance rate.

Texas Tech University (TTU)

Gre 300 -310

TTU is a public research university and the flagship institution of the Texas state, founded in 1923.

The University campus spans across a massive area of 1,839 acres with an undergraduate enrollment of 28, 632. It is the largest research university in Lubbock, known as a college town.

Currently, TTU presents 59 doctoral and 103 master’s degrees and 53 certification programs that provide experience and enhance skills required to become leaders in education, business, and government.

Missouri State University (MSU)

MSU is a public university established in 1905, the second largest in Missouri.

The prospective students can explore over 100 academic programs such as doctorates, master’s degrees, certificates, and certain online options. The university offers financial aid, scholarships, and graduate assistance for deserving candidates to help them reach their dreams.

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